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Rocking the BRB: Blind Melon

From canning to composting these guys have been rocking my radio for the last couple weeks. I find myself immersing my ears and brain with work from a particular group or artist for long stretches at a time, I’ve been coming back to Blind Melon for a couple weeks now. Music, reminds me of the times in the past that it was prominent, it brings back the memories and emotions attached to it. It makes me smile and sad at the same time, to miss those times, to remember those times and to smile again thinking about them. My first exposure to Blind Melon was from my mother, she rocked some good tunes when I was younger, then when in college they came back for a long time thanks to my good friend Mikey Paul. Shannon Hoon… we miss you and your music thank you for it.



Rocking the BRB

Jams that have come across the wire frequently around the BRB: