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Country Challenge #36: The Mole (Update)

The BRB: 1   The Mole: 0


Country Challenge #36: The Mole

Here at the Big Red Barn we are learning all kinds of new things, living out here you’ve got to be your own everything. Mechanic, roofer, plumber, and as we’ve found… trapper. These are the Country Challenges and they test your wits and resolve. So today we tackle the mole problem, after coming home from a week away we found a large hole next to a handful of what I could only assume were mole runs. They made their first real appearance when my mower got a nice taste of loose earth from the burrowing bugger. Not wanting to see more lawn disaster I went straight to the store and looked at mole traps. I opted for a slightly more expensive trap because it is harder to set off from above ground, an issue I was concerned about with respect to the dogs we have running around here. After a bit more research I came up with these simple things to keep in mind:

  • Determine the most active location: Look for a Mole mound, not a hole.
  • Do not press existing mole runs into the ground, leave them until you’ve trapped your target.
  • Place the trap in the early evening around 5-6pm. Moles come out at night and early morning.
  • Check and reset your trap after 48hrs if you haven’t bagged your target.
  • Be vigilant, keep your grass cut short and areas around trees clear to spot activity before it becomes an issue.