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BRB Introductions: Belle Our Boxer

Belle (aka: The Belly, Belly Monster, Monster and Belly Bear) came to us in early September last year and although we were a Shorthair family Belle needed a place to kick it and run and slobber as much as possible. My aunt contacted us looking for a new home for Belle out of the city where she could run, play and swim! We took the dog at almost 2 years old and brought her into our home, since then we have grown to love her. Seriously? Who would have thought I’d love a dog but I do. In fact… I love two. I’ll let Liz intro Lily. Belle is a pure American Boxer who loves to play all the time, she will often be content in the yard just tossing a ball around by herself. She is quite fast, she weighs just over fifty pounds and she’s not the best swimmer but she is getting better at it. She is deathly afraid of fireworks and big snowflakes. If she can see the snowflakes she will crouch down and cower, it’s fairly humorous. Belle is not always the brightest bulb in the box, she is still a bit clumsy and often steps on people or other animals but we still love her just the same. If you ever show up at the Big Red Barn expect to get an earful from her though, we appreciate our security dogs and though they make alot of noise, it is for us and is nothing against you.